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Integrity, a national treasure
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Honesty is the eternal human morality, the Chinese people will see it as the five permanent members of the party. In traditional Chinese culture, honesty above all an ethical category. 

Five thousand years, integrity always grasp the fate of society.

"Confucius said,People without faith, I wonder, could also shaftless carts, car-free, why the line of their holy is carts no axes, no car, the car will not be cattle pulled forward.

There is a story familiar to many people,Nepal Himalayas had very few foreigners involved. Several times a Japanese photographer had a local teenager to buy the beer, and gave him the money to buy ten bottles of beer. 

Until the third day in the afternoon the boy did not come back. Photographers think deceived. That night, the boy was knocking on their door. 

Originally, he was first in only one place to buy 4 bottles of beer, and turned up a mountain, wading through a river, just buy another 6 bottles fell on the road in a hurry to return three bottles. 

He took the broken glass, and cried to the photographer returned to change, the presence of people deeply touched. Perhaps this is the start of the day, more and more foreigners come here. 

In addition to the Himalayas attract them, as well as the integrity of the mountain as reliable.

China is also no shortage of examples. Song Ci Yan Shu defeated fellow at age 14, was recommended to the Emperor Song as a child prodigy. 

Emperor Song summoned him and allows him simultaneously with more than 1,000 Scholars exam. 

When the contents of the papers spot Yan Shu found himself just ten days ago, practiced, truthfully report to the Emperor Song, requesting change other topics.

Zhenzong great appreciation, gave him "with the Scholars origin." Bowen is  "Yu-ion" is a record of dishonesty and killed because the story,Jiyang have to cross the river when a merchant ship sank, there was a fisherman heard the region. 

Businessman promised to pay to spend lots of money if the rescue, but later rescued betray account. Unexpectedly, this public later in the same place again capsize. 

Some Yujiu, that he had been cheated of the fisherman said, "He was the man who spoke count!" Promises to the people who, once in distress, only to sit still.

Alas, self-deception and self-deceptive and then poke the sad story are still repeated. Once upon a time, people shout,"Credit has become the most scarce resource." One by one fact ruthless declared,credit crisis, mercilessly tear and erosion of our entire economic body. 

"Destroy those six countries, six countries also, non-Qin also." Rely on a wealth of adventure or gambling achievement can only be a dream final dream. Fraud may temporarily succeed, but the market will one day be eliminated.

So a person, a business case, especially in a society. A businessman, fraud could make money, it is impossible for a long time;a scholar, once found his hypocrisy, who believe his preaching?

An officer, himself untrustworthy, how can we not men intrigues? Even for an ordinary person, integrity is also not trivia:dishonest, do not speak the credibility of the people can not have real friends, not to mention the achievements of any event.

     (Letter from the Yangcheng Evening News Chen Shixu)
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