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Cloud Stream thousand bronze crafts village "reselling" worth hundreds of thousands
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Original title: drugs flooding into the chain to do the old bulbs waste 3000 yuan to sell hundreds of thousands of bronze

Original source: "Qilu Evening News" Editor: Ji Rong Fei

Customs seized the Treasures

Actually antique bronze

In a large number of "bronze Village", the smoke stream iconic village. Smoke stream village craftsmen, small to one kilogram of four sheep side statue, to more than 1000 kg of large human face tripod, one generic handy.

According to related statistics, the village of the professional processing of households reached more than 300, employing more than 1880 people, while in 2008 the output value of billions of dollars. The main products are more than 1,000 species of the Eastern Han Dynasty horse riding swallows East emperor week driving six Warring States Fang Ding, spring and autumn lotus crane square pot and various modeling wall, antique lamps and other products sold to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions of our country, but also in Southeast Asia demand, traders United States, Britain, Japan, Canada, France, Germany and other countries is very popular here in antique bronze.

Industry circulating such a story: In the mid-1990s, two cases with artifacts related to shock the country. Chengdu airport security, and seized a number of beautifully crafted bronze. Almost at the same time, Shanghai Customs officers at the baggage exit, also found a large number of bronze. Preliminary identification by experts, these bronzes is very likely the Shang and Zhou Dynasty bronze treasures. In view of the case material, the police immediately organized police force, for the two cases were detected. After careful investigation, interrogation, the police found that these bronzes actually Yichuan County, Luoyang City smoke stream Village production of imitation goods. For a time, smoke stream village in antique circle fame.

Form a chain

Antique become relics of times on profits

A person familiar with smoke stream Village insiders say, foreign people do not care about the locals, they will tell you that the villagers only antique, but in the production of handicrafts. However, when these craft out of the hands of traffickers from fake antiques, it becomes a lie "Heritage." According to the industry sources said that "if the cost is 3000 yuan a bronze. Remove the copper raw materials, mainly manual and drug ratio. Trail getting goods also about 5,000 people, but he was then resell to 30000 300,000 range, and even be able to sell 500,000. "

According to reports, the village was first produced in antique bronze, is a 70-year-old Fang. The 1960s, the old man after high school when a foundry worker. By chance, he got a book - "Bronze", inscribed from the Warring States period to the Qing Dynasty bronze maps. Since then, the old man began to control the picture book, making a three-dimensional mold, bronze horse, brass basin, copper tower, bronze animal, bronze ...... everything possible imitation of bronze, both generic and over. Later, he put his imitation techniques to teach villagers.

"Bronze from raw materials to finished products, there are dozens of procedures currently in the smoke stream Village, antique bronze manufacturing industry chain has been formed, a dedicated supply of raw materials, has specialized in the manufacture of the mold, there is cast, there is a special rust do and engage in the sale. the original, from raw materials to sales, all her own, inefficient, and now each step toward specialization, which will help improve the yield and quality. "the source said.

High levels of fraud were

"Anti-identified" Meng Guo expert

Mr. Zhang Songbin famous bronze connoisseur said that besides the smoke stream village in Henan, in Pizhou, Bengbu, Anhui, Jiangsu and southern regions have different degrees bronze fraud. After 2003 years ago, the "puddle rust" bronzes some southern manufacturing belt, so some features are not familiar with it northerners fooled.

Zhanghongbing said that the current process of fraud should be made of modern casting process. There are three commonly used methods of casting. One is the foundry method; the other is the casting method, quartz powder, quartz sand and other bonding of the refractory Fan; there is a lost wax method of casting models made with beeswax, and then the other refractory mud filling into the shell core and cladding. After the baking heat, melt the wax mold of all the loss of the entire casting model into a cavity. Beyond copper pour liquid inside, they cast artifacts. Zhang Songbin description: "Zhou Dynasty bronze, pottery mostly by casting into the Model Law." Modern casting method, bronze products will stay more or less different from the old mark, as van lines, wall thick, and gaskets marks. It is also easy to find flaws in the identification of the place.

In the shape fake, and mainly in the following ways: whole fake artifacts; artifacts fake part, is about really is incomplete mosaic pieces onto the imitation is called grafting is customary to make it intact, so that the characteristics of bronze, is actually a patchwork unit. In addition, after the engraving method, new tires and old rusty stickers, forged inscriptions and other methods.

Zhangsong Bin said that with the fake means continuous "evolution" false relics from the early years of the "rough stock", and gradually developed into a certain professional standards of "small cargo", many imitations are scratching their heads even expert for reading. Now many counterfeiters high professional level, you can see the wrong place, counterfeiters to erase a whole, is to "anti-identification." Let the experts are unpredictable and even some technology, but was out of the farmers do, indeed practice makes perfect ah.

How many do rust method?

Do older slower "support"

"North and South unearthed bronze rust above differ mainly in the South and more humid areas, alkaline soil, so rusty bronze unearthed mostly black, called  is puddle rust is  or  is black ancient is . the northern arid regions unearthed bronze, general president of the erythema we know patina, known as  is dry hole is . many counterfeiters do is to seize the geographical features of rust. "Zhang Songbin said.

Judging from rust, bronze fake mainly two kinds, one is a short time with a chemical solution, such as hydrochloric acid corrosion, or the use of livestock manure as a soak. After the bubble with acid, and then buried in the soil which is generally more than two weeks, or even two or three months, so rust naturally grow. Another is to apply adhesive made, so out of rust, more performance for floating rust light, Toner green, no hardness, easy to fall off, or significant wetlands, which was sticky, long time will show surface cracking phenomenon this situation sometimes fire a bit, but also smell the pungent odor. Many levels too clever imitation is basically rust characteristics can be found in this off.

After soaking some imitation goods, but also with the original tomb to tomb landfill along the ground, and then there are those on which species of plant roots, which is called "support", after three to five years, the capillary plant grow to the imitation goods, then a chance it can be spurious. If imitation is the heirlooms, counterfeiters will need to play in the hands of a few years, or "support" to the rural people at home, accept the natural smoky, it slowly getting older.

ZhangHongBin said that now some of the information, the current means of forgery has been further improved, and some chemical solution to make look natural patina, pull the pull can not afford, and in the past, fear of false rust hot, afraid of high temperature, touched on the swap.

"In addition to these two common methods, were also a few high imitation or green fire barbecue electrolysis method, creating the effect of copper bodiless crisp. There used to generate high-pressure equipment to speed up the rate of false rust. Ten years ago, the southern area of the surface made of bronze corrosion with transparent glass, so a lot of people fooled, later found to be made by the method of electrolysis rust from the current point of view is fake, do rust still have flaws, as long as careful comprehensive comparison, a variety of ways to do rust, there is always a place five years after graduation. "Zhang Songbin said.

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How to identify the bronze rust

How to identify the bronze rust it? Zhang Songbin tell you a few simple methods of identification.

Fine observation can be found. There really rust foundation, level, there is hardness, fastness and shiny. The fake rust showed more shallow floating rust, Toner green, no hardness, easy to fall off, or significant wetlands, significant viscosity, surface cracking phenomenon a long time will appear.

Take some samples with high temperature burning hot needle, or the sample directly with fire, with a resin or glue manufactured pseudo-rust will melt at high temperatures, burning, and smoke, can smell the pungent chemical smell. The real ancient patina is a natural growth of mineral crystals in the general flame It does not melt, but also difficult to burn, but no other smell children.

Patina with a needle puncture site, the ancient patina very hard and difficult to penetrate, and those pseudo-rust easily pierced with a glue made, called "Eat needle." This law applies to identify general patina. In addition, with a knife or other tool to take a piece of the surface patina bronze, patina observed below the exposed hull, pseudo rust is directly below the exposed copper. Here the ancient patina generally dark brown or silver oxide film.

Some sources say, and now with the third generation jewelry appraisal Charles patina very effective filter to identify all of the ancient patina in the filter will not change color. Various chemical pigments made of rust in most filters will turn red.

ZhangHongBin said: "The highest level of identification is the age of a utensil happen, background understanding, to comprehensive grasp." Identification of rust just as a judge. Also consider the production process, the production of a variety of objects of different materials ratio, we identified a bronze, must take the craft, mold, materials, shapes, decoration, inscriptions, rust and other aspects combine together, in order to achieve discriminating.
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