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"Integrity management see action, SuZhou JingKeLai casting Machinery Co. do credible enterprises"
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"Integrity management see action, SuZhou JingKeLai casting Machinery Co. do credible enterprises"

Do not rely on the integrity of business operations look empty, Suzhou passenger Lai casting Machinery Co., willing to do business with a conscience credible ......

As a mechanical uphold integrity management company, from the first day of business, the company general manager Tan secretly resolved: "Any time, there must be quality and quantity, on-time delivery, so that customers really satisfied, as our daily work guiding ideology. "

The company not only to achieve customer satisfaction, and let our staff to get the best benefits. It is because they have to pay the company is s glory. The company wants to take this platform to thank every member of staff, thank you pay no regrets.

I remember one time we talked about always pick up a tough list, is a must to help customers find our veterans driven out, the customer is not rare to get our customers live up doing, would have been great to refuse, we are not without list.

But we always talk forthright promised, I am puzzled. Why should pick up this hot potato it! Price at the end did not say. Delivery is such a short. I reluctantly took the list, we always talk about my dissatisfaction to see, not only did not blame me back to me a lesson, he said: "Some businesses just how much of it is not necessarily have to take in, even if it is a loss but also help customers do their best. the business world. not only is the business dealings, it is friendship. everyone would be difficult, help to help you! there are now many black heart outside vendors in order to not only cut corners profits also using substandard materials. resulting in no integrity between each other, no conscience. "

Therefore, we will not only be willing to help others, but also to supervise their own best. Such people will put our signature rub brighter. More dazzling.

After this conversation, I have learned a lot. But I is m going to work when the heart is still worried about the idea of the workers. But I never imagined that they not only did not complain about the pressure they list out of breath, but also take the initiative to work overtime delay. Sure the successful completion of our quality and quantity and single.

In future work, I have more confidence, more confident, because we have a defeated team! Honesty From our start. <Suzhou passenger Lai casting Machinery Co., Ltd.> Come on ... we believe will allow the integrity of the enterprise to be more widely recognized by society!

Jinqiao casting off Lai will cooperate with integrity, and we look forward to more and more enterprises to join the circle of honest and credible in the past, but also a sincere look forward to working with you can be reached, we will provide you with an honest and credible professional services !! (contributor: gold passenger Lai Machinery Company, Assistant General Manager, Ms. Fei)

Wikipedia link [Kim] off Lai Company Information:

Suzhou passenger Lai casting Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the scenic Suzhou Wuzhong District, convenient transportation geography, one kilometer away from the beltway exit Dongshan, founded in 2008, with equipment, die-casting machines, CNC lathes, milling machines, spark machine, and so on. Mold development to production of train service. Products in the appliance, automotive, LED lighting, elevators, medical, communications and other components supporting products. Our company: quality, excellent inexpensive ideas, welcome new and old customers to negotiate.

As companies focus on the development of the core business strategy, consumer-oriented, quality and service as a fundamental, and in a pioneering and innovative spirit of enterprise, with excellent quality and caring service for market entry point, in order to build "brand" of the global perspective on operational guidance and dedication to provide consumers with first-class quality, first-class service, first-class brand, shaping the company is s international corporate image, moving to build China is s first brand of automotive supplies and make unremitting efforts to target .
       The company also has a solidarity, hard-working, honest and pragmatic, energetic, pioneering marketing and service teams. We always carry out as one of the core idea is the quality and the quality of integration into every aspect of business operation, given the reality of performance.

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