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Success is impossible to open the brilliant flowers in a lie
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Success is impossible in a lie out of brilliant flowers.

18th century, wealthy English gentleman is s residence is located in a beautiful garden, Fox is s garden has an old pavilion, his father wanted to remove it, and another to build a pavilion in a more open place. Fox vacation home from boarding school, just in time for the demolition workers pavilion. Of course, wanted to see for themselves the children how the pavilion was demolished, so he intends to return to school later days. He has to his father to school on time, for quite a rift between father and son. Seeing his mother would intercede on behalf of Fox. Finally, the father decided to leave and then split the arrival of the pavilion. Fox then ran back to school on.

Father thought his son was busy learning in school, would slowly forget the matter. Thus, Fox was gone, he would let the pavilion demolished, in another place and built a new one. Who would have thought his son has been the pavilion it keeping in mind.

Holidays came around again, Fox returned home, they walked toward the old pavilion, he certainly can not see the old pavilion. At breakfast, he gloomily said to his father: "You speak does not count!" Elderly British gentleman was shocked to hear, said gravely: "Son, you is re right, I was wrong, I is ll change it.

Credible is more important than wealth. Notwithstanding million consistent possessions can not go back to the heart caused by offsetting stain. "When he finished, then let his father had built a pavilion in place, then the pavilion in front of Fox is s face removed.

Later, Fox became a British politician of the 18th century the name.

Think of "The Analects" of a story.

Zeng is s wife into the street, go talk to her son crying, comforted her son, said:. "You do not cry, came back to the butcher for you to eat," she came back from the street, see Zeng is preparing to slaughter a pig, it discouraged said: "? I just coax the child, why really it," Zeng said: "If you do not butcher it, it is to deceive the child, in fact, is to teach children to lie." Zeng adhere to kill the pig.

Slip, you can immediately resume stand; dishonesty, you may never be undone. Integrity that is honest, sincere, credit, trust, it is a realm of personality, is a personal accomplishment, is a moral act is the conduct of a person, the source of success.

It requires no jump real, bona fide. Only honest people who can mind clear, Zeshanercong.

For integrity, Socrates was forced to swallow poison ginseng, give up life; to be wise after the loss of integrity cries cut Ma Su Jie Ting decided, reluctantly part. Because "as good as gold, can not stand dishonesty" is the philosophy of life everlasting.
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