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>>ATEA 2014 Major Events

Sep 19,2014   ATEA submit the related documents, pass the audit in Hongkong and finally registered legally.

Sep 28,2014   ATEA Official hot-line is open to all Chinese enterprises in the world.
Official QQ 1900066681 is ready for instant services.

Oct 1,2014   ATEA do the audit of all 187 Membership Applications

Oct 16,2014   ATEA confirm the first Association member units,18 enterprises obtain the documents with president’s signature and stamp.

Oct 18,2014   ATEA submit the application to ICANN(The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) and pass the audit,also ATEA is awarded  Certificate of Generic Top level Domain Name

Oct 28,2014   ATEA submit the application to CNNIC(China Internet Network Information Center) and pass the audit, Certificate of Chinese Top level Country Code Domain is awarded to ATEA

Nov 8,2014   ATEA Hongkong service hot-line +852-5-3902812 is opened

Nov 18,2014   ATEA Chinese mainland service hot-line   +86-755-36679819 is opened

Dec 3,2014   ATEA issue the Certificate and  plaques to all member units of 2014.

Dec 8,2014   ATEA Open Malaysia service hot-line +60-10-2811879

Dec 18,2014   ATEA Open international English service hot-line +852-55604616

Dec 28,2014   ATEA Open Thailand service hot-line +66-94-1944799
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