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ASIA TRUSTWORTHY ENTERPRISE ASSOCIATION, is the social organizations registered in accordance with the law, a non-political international organization, English name is: ASIA TRUSTWORTHY ENTERPRISE ASSOCIATION (hereinafter referred to as "ATEA" or "ASSOCIATION")


ATEA is not restricted by areas, ownership, self-disciplining, a non-profit social groups. In Hong Kong , Asia economic and trade center, case approved registered according to law, code 5827345900404141


Association to guide the Asian enterprise trusted, peace, and for the purpose, based on Asia, to promote economic, cultural and technological exchanges among countries in the Asian region, coordination and cooperation.


At the same time, Association actively face to the world, to publicity and promotion, attracting worldwide trusted enterprises, to build the platform as the carrier, spread the positive energy, promote credible, peace, xing shang commercial culture! Strengthen the Asian regional cultural exchanges and economic and trade cooperation with the world.


ATEA principle, using members invited initiation mechanism, part of the outstanding credible enterprise of the industry, also accept recommendation and old members to guarantee enterprise way of initiation, legally registered enterprises, no violations as well as the illegal operation record,, in recognition of Asia Trustworthy enterprise association related constitution and membership rules, on the basis of culture idea, such as enterprise chairman, board of directors, senior management team, is willing to join the organization, by ATEA member of recommendation or guarantee by the process can apply for naturalization. every association member units, can be recommended for membership of the guarantee issued by material.)


ATEA international legally registered enterprises in the market is a good credible image qualification documents, association certificate belongs to the third party independent, public, fair and legal documents to prove that the enterprise and reputation, the certificate was divided into Chinese version, English version, international mother tongue and English bilingual edition.


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