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"ATEA Legal Notice Letter"
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ATEA Web Links clause   

01. Website links established by ATEA to external sites
in some cases, the ATEA will be on our own website, providing website links to other sites on the Internet. Linked website is trusted by the Asian Association of Enterprises with unaffiliated third parties without the immediate opened. Provide links to these sites, designed to help you gather relevant information and increase your Internet experience. We do our best for you to choose sites and sources of information for those who enjoy a good reputation. However, the site provides links to external sites do not represent ATEA recommend, approve or introduce any third party products or services, or third parties on their website has to offer.
For the accuracy of the content of any external website links, or web link on our website, we do not take any responsibility. At the same time, you may encounter difficulties when downloading software or consequences arising therefore, and we assume no liability. Please note that use of the software downloaded from the Internet may be limited by the license agreement.

02. Website links established by ATEA to other sites in Asia
For your convenience, we also provide website links with the ATEA with other credible websites. Products and services on these sites may be limited to people who live at or within local jurisdictions offer. In addition, the content on the linked sites offered, there may belong to the contents in accordance with local laws and regulations, not to those who reside within the jurisdiction at or to offer. At the same time, the relevant provisions of the various legal entities inside the Asian Business Association this made credible, may also vary. Thus, before entering the best site for the corresponding consulting the relevant regulations. 
03. Web site links to external websites created by the ATEA website.
For any third party established, trusted companies with links to the  ATEA website, the ATEA assumes responsibility of any kind. Any such form of links does not represent any form of cooperation between it and the ATEA, or has been recognized by the ATEA. Thus, for any loss or damage to you or any third party due to the use of such links may incur ATEA will not be held responsible.

04. ATEA trademark and copyright
The contents of this site are provided, or due to your use of this website and the content available to you, their property rights belong to the ATEA or any  third party (if applicable) for all. Trademark and appear on this website, trade names and marks (collectively the trademark), registered and unregistered trademarks owned by ATEA and any third party. Everything on this site should not be considered to obtain any license or right to use the trademark on this web site user. Bank or other interested parties without permission, you may not 
Use these trademarks and trademarks of the same.

05. No warranty
although the information and content we provide on this website, in the production process has been very attention. It should be noted that the information and content is its "true colors" provided to you, does not mean or imply any form of guarantee. In particular, does not provide any violation, security, accuracy, and applicability of the information related to the content of a particular purpose and freedom from computer viruses guarantee.

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