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General Affairs Department (Department of services, Finance Department, H R Department)-services: Association executive director units Manage staffs, works, activities, supervises, administrates etc.


Members work--services: take in the Asia even Global worthy enterprise join in and satisfaction the members reasonable demands as well as possible.

Overseas department—services: The work place which has the Professional services regional economies or State work units.

Training certification department--services: Contact the further education which is famous colleges, training center, perfect enterprise. Develop business management, President of strategy, Team building, EMBA and so on.


The electronic commerce-- services: Depend on the credible business website to serve the association member units, make the enterprise famous in all over the world, propagandize the products and the spirit of Trustworthy.


Financial department -- services: link in the popular venture-capital firms, Angel Fund and crowd funding in Asia or all over the world to help the Member companies walk in the sun legitimate financing channels.


The ministry of legal rights -- services: once the members perfectly justifiable and legitimate interests was violated, the enterprise will help them keep and get all kinds of files which has valid certificates, evidences and proofs. What is  more, the enterprise will use the organizational advantage and resource to help members contract the out-sanding lawyer (internationalist) in the first place Assist members forensics, Maintain fair and justice. the enterprise aim to service the members in all kinds way, such as irregularly scheduled, individuation, to distinguish the industry, the key to remind, outstanding education, periodically urge, inform in time, to help them avoid the regional economy legal risk. At the first time organize a group, help them to face the risk, mediated communication, Disclosure of information to the community to maintain law, Progress announced, fight for public opinion by Association Official Website and Nearly thousand newspaper media publication of the official website of the Association of official cooperation. To protect the legitimate interests of the credibility enterprise.


Information Research Department-- services: The use of the information age forefront of mobile cloud storage technology, building big data, large platform to help members of the Association, scientific analysis personalized business data needs, the association has been reached, and the Joint Institute for e-commerce] [Pokka provide professional services.


Professional Committee-- services: (Financial Bank Franchise Enterprise Management E-Commerce mechanical design HR vocational education...) Special committee to uphold open and cooperative attitude and expertise to build a well-known within the industry, and professional organizations in the same industry enterprises, classification group, orderly development, healthy competition, the special committee is think tank Association is the professional expert, research and development enterprise headquarters, is the convergence of experts and professionals in the industry to build a system of authoritative standards talent pool, a member of the elite teams. Special committee member units, voluntary venture.



Association will strive to provide high-quality, discount-style third-party services, including various types of activities are not limited to third-party organizations such as joint service, all non-membership associations outside will be reasonable and appropriate fees

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