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Honored leaders,  ladies and gentlemen,

Thank you for spending your time with us here and learning information of ATEA.

ATEA   carry out activities by following instructions of "ATEA regulations" and related  legislation  of  global free-market economy,Accept guidance and supervision from the management organization of registered place:Hongkong Government.

Since July 1, 2013 ATEA established officially,we Always adhere to the purpose of  "promote  friendship between members and promote the credibility of enterprises, maintain benefits of Membership ,Flourishing market economy,spread credible corporate culture, "unite all enterprises in Asia and all Asian member companies in the world,Respect  counterparts,promote business between manufacturers in Asia and other continents,adore credibility,be trustworthy,keep credit,Emphasis  on trustworthiness,Also,we take responsibility of  improving the quality of membership, safeguarding the legitimate rights of members, regulating the Asian business market, revitalizing and developing Asian corporate,Finally,We registered officially on September 19,2014.

To take full advantage of ATEA, unite as one, and actively carry out various functions in the industry, to promote the healthy development of China is economy overseas service, I solemnly read out this statement:

1. Guide members from different countries and regions to comply with the relevant regional and national government regulations and policies,Adhere to the principle of seeking common ground,educating members from different regions love their countries,enterprises and family,  work hard, and obey the law, focus on credible, standardize business practices of the market economy, establishing rules of fair competition,honest and credit.

2. Organize members of different countries and regions study related business and cooperation policies of the ruling party and government, organize association team participate  political affairs actively.

3. Offer Economic, technical, information, production, management, financing, laws, regulations and other consulting services to all the members.unite Asian companies,manufacturers and distributors develop good products, seeking common prosperity between Industry and commerce.

4. Organize members across the country, across the region visit the excellent well-known companies, participate all kinds of trade fairs and other activities, strengthen friendship, make friends, enhance friendship and cooperation between members.

5. Contact associations, companies at home and abroad, domestic and overseas through various channels,organize communications, visits, trips and other activities,establish outreach channels,introduce capital projects and technology matchmaking for members, promote cooperation and exchange of international trade& technology.

6. Report business practical questions, comments and requests of branch agencies from  all regions and countries to  the ruling party and government,offer ATEA lawyer services,Safeguard the rights of each member by association strength on the basis of legitimate and civilize,Provide relevant information,qualifications, documents to members,coordinate communication relations, adjusting to resolve disputes, help members solve problems.

7. Educate members pay attention to public welfare in communities, cities, countries, regions,organize members participate various activities undertaken by the Council.

8. Continue to offer ATEA magazine and run ATEA website.
9. Improve the cultural construction of ATEA, compose special song for ATEA.

10. We hope to build ATEA culture industrial park by welfare funds, venture capital companies or well-known credibility enterprises and set up product trade zone.We are not only a bridge between government and our members but also bridge between members and market.We will play the role of a good bridge, hope our members do everything to promote the implementation of the principles contained in this Declaration, let us create brilliant future together!
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